Yes! I’m Going To Do A Raw Food Cleanse

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I’m excited that I’ll soon be doing a Raw Food Reset Cleanse. Created by Young and Raw, the cleanse is 100% naturopathic doctor reviewed and approved with meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists included. There’s even a Facebook group created just for people in the cleanse.

I never really thought about doing a cleanse before. Overall, I eat great. For instance, when I prep for a competition, I eat 100% clean. When not prepping, I eat about 90% clean and organic. I do, however, enjoy wine a few nights each week and sometimes indulge in less than ideal snacks. I always keep my weight within 5 pounds of stage weight and, although my body composition changes when not competing, it’s something I can live with.  So, why the cleanse?  Well, I guess I’m just in the mood to try something new and I’m looking forward to clearing out the toxins in my body. And, it does seem like a challenge of sorts – and I LOVE challenges!

The cleanse is 21 days – two weeks of raw foods, smoothies and juices and then 1 to 7 days of juices only.  My plan is to do the first two weeks and then maybe a day of only juices.  I don’t want to lose weight (I especially don’t want to lose the muscle it’s taken me years to grow) so I plan on adding plant based protein powder to some of the recipes to help keep the calories high enough for me.

Now all I have to do is choose a date to start and then go to the store and get everything I’ll need for the first week.  I’m thinking it’ll be soon.  I think I’m going to learn a few things and I hope you enjoy the journey with me.

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