VIP Retreat

Imagine spending a day with me, focused on you and your goals, getting crystal clear on what it means to be the best you can be, taking your life, career, health, fitness and spirituality to the next level …

Imagine planning out that journey step by step and knowing exactly what you need to do to get there …

Imagine being able to talk and brainstorm with someone who has been there and understands that restless desire to do more, be more, experience more …

It’s nothing short of life changing. Who the Peak Performance VIP Retreat is for:

  • High-achieving, high-performing people who want to be and enjoy the best
  • People who are successful yet feel a restlessness or dissatisfaction with the status quo
  • Those who give 110% to everything they do but are starting to feel the drain on their energy
  • People who want to hone and keep their edge with grace and ease for years to come

What we do during your Retreat:

My Peak Performance VIP Retreat is a one-day immersion that gives you a jump start on living the Peak Performance Lifestyle.

Each Peak Performance VIP Retreat is customized to meet your needs and includes:

  • Clarifying your purpose so the path can be created to get you there
  • Focusing in on your passion so you can tap into it whenever the going gets rough
  • Discussion of each of the nine components of the Peak Performance Wheel of Life (link to wheel)  as they pertain to you and your goals
  • Your Personalized Peak Performance Plan, designed to crystallize your path to your Peak Performance Lifestyle
  • A virtual pantry makeover– know what Peak Performance Lifestyle food items should be in your pantry and which should be avoided
  • Healthy grocery shopping – learn what foods will support you towards your Peak Performance Lifestyle

Where are the Retreats held?

Retreats are held virtually, via telephone or Skype.  Your choice.  If you prefer an in-person retreat, let me know as that is a possibility as well, for an additional fee of $497.

 When are the Retreats?

I set aside a few days each month for retreats. After your application is approved (via a Peak Performance Strategy Session) you’ll have your choice of the next available dates.

What’s included in the Retreat?

  • A full day of coaching, 10 am – 4 pm, with scheduled breaks for healthy, energizing snacks and a private on-on-one networking lunch.
  • Outline of your personalized Peak Performance Lifestyle Plan
  • Two follow up telephone coaching sessions (45-minutes each) within 90 days of your VIP Retreat) to support and guide you in one or two key components of the Peak Performance Wheel of Life (your choice):
  1. Evaluating of your Peak Performance Lifestyle goals throughout the year to make sure they continue to serve you.
  2. Designing every component of your Peak Performance Wheel to fuel your purpose and your desires for your life.
  3. Discovering custom-designed nutrition guidelines to accelerate your Peak Performance Lifestyle goals, and I’ll show you how to make it real for you without turning your life upside down.
  4. Upleveling your fitness by working out smarter, not harder.  And with fun!
  5. Surrounding yourself with people that support your vision for the Peak Performance Lifestyle.
  6. Ensuring your career supports your goal rather than detracts or competes with it.
  7. Creating an integrative self-care plan to ensure you know how to balance all that is important to you, including the missing pieces from your Peak Performance Wheel of Life.
  8. Upgrading your daily routines to deliberately create the results you want in every area of your life.
  9. Encouragement to reconnect with or create your own spiritual path to bring meaning and congruency in everything you do.

What’s the next step?

If you’re ready to get started with a Peak Performance VIP Retreat, send me an email and I’ll respond back with payment information and availability of dates.

If you’re not sure, no problem. Just book a Peak Performance Strategy Session and I’ll answer any questions you may have.