My Approach

My Approach to Creating and Living the Peak Performance Lifestyle

The Peak Performance Lifestyle begins with a mindset.

It’s fueled by passion and purpose, and nurtured by several distinctly different, yet interwoven, essential elements.

In all there are 9 critical components that must be in harmony in order to create Peak Performance in every area of your life:

  1. Purpose – Getting clear on your goals or life purpose creates the focus around which the Peak Performance Lifestyle can be designed.
  2. Passion – Identifying what you’re passionate about, and bringing that into what you’re doing, makes you more likely to accelerate your performance.
  3. Nutrition – This is the secret ingredient to accelerating your results. Most people are surprised at the profound impact just small tweaks in their nutrition can make.
  4. Physical Fitness – Physical activity can help you reach both physique and mental goals.  Mental acuity, stress reduction and amazing creativity are realized when the body is at its peak.
  5. Relationships – The wrong people in your life can derail you in a heartbeat. Surrounding yourself with supportive friends, family and colleagues can be key to realizing your goals.
  6. Career – Whether your goals are career related or not, given the amount of time we spend at work, it’s important to look at the role career plays in reaching your goals.
  7. Balance and Self-Care – It’s important to balance your goals with all the areas of your life so you don’t become lopsided, focusing on only one area, for instance, work, while neglecting your family or spiritual life.  We will discover what self-care elements need to be in place in order to keep this balance.
  8. Routine/Structure – The wrong routine, no matter how disciplined you are at deploying it, can be depleting. Invigorate yourself by putting a structure in place that allows you to flow towards your goals rather than push yourself to achieve them.
  9. Spirituality – In life, it’s as much about who we are being as about what we do. Creating, reconnecting with or accelerating your spiritual practice gives you the courage to live a congruent life, where all pieces of the Peak Performance Wheel of Life fit together perfectly.

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